It’s a Mystery

That was my favorite line from Shakespeare in Love.  There was such truth in his words every time he said it.   How did that happen? It’s a mystery!  As all of us hunkered down and got excited to watch the beginning of the end of Lost, I couldn’t help but think, why are we so intrigued?  Why do so many care so much about this fictional bunch that  supposedly got stuck on an island?

Even if you aren’t a fan of Lost, or other mysteries for that matter, you may agree with me that there is so much more to be learned in the gray area of life than in the black and white.  Every time I think something is black and white, I often learn it isn’t.  Is anything for certain?  Maybe that the sun comes up every day, and people die.  Other than that…I’m not so sure.

Maybe it is the behavior we choose that is the sure thing.  We will get thrown mysteries every day.   Why did she say that?  Why did the dog pee in the hallway?  Why is the baby still crying?  These are questions we can almost NEVER answer.  Do we take time to try to solve the mystery?

I’m thinking maybe it might be better to let the gray area be gray.  I don’t need ALL the answers in my daily reality.  It takes valuable time to attempt to solve mysteries that probably weren’t meant to be solved. Some things just are the way they are and no answer is going to satisfy me anyway.

I am going to finish watching Lost, though 🙂


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