Post Football Depression

I’m watching hubby go through a little post-partum behavior.  When pre-season football starts his eyes light up like a Christmas tree.  Sundays at our house involve 5 tvs and a beer fridge in the living room.  Laptops are plugged in all over the room with fantasy football scores updating, and I’m usually found in the kitchen whipping up something to keep them all happy.  His big football tournament culminates the season along with Super Bowl Sunday.  Then BAM!  It’s over.

Yesterday on one of our walks he was silent.  Could it be possible he had nothing to talk about?  Yep.  He didn’t.  It was in that moment I realized there was 5 months of build up to his big weekend, and now that it is over he is feeling a little lost.

I think we all go through this.  We mothers do for sure.  Pregnancy is a dramatic time that encompasses our thoughts completely, baby comes, and kablam.  Now it’s about the baby and no longer about mommy’s body in an instant. I beg you the next time you see a brand new mom, tell her how amazing she is doing.  Everyone comments about the precious baby..but mom has been through hell.  I recommend throwing her a bone.

Teachers and students deal with this a great deal.  They prep for the big school year, suddenly it is over, grades are posted, and then the momentum fizzles.  Some go sailing into summer while others flounder.  Then just when you have a routine and comfort level for summer time, the whole cycle starts again.  I admire teachers so much.  I couldn’t do what they do.

So, how do we battle this “post-anything depression?”  My guess is to immediately start planning something else.   If it was a Sunday habit of watching football…maybe we should turn that into a Sunday habit of playing football, or softball, or whatever works!  I don’t think we should let the NFL and television dictate to us when we can love what we love.

Personally,  I’m excited that we are down to one tv in the living room, but I understand for others that is the sad end to another season.  Either way, we had amazing times, great memories, and we all know it will be back this fall.

Zak was born on a football Sunday. I even waited until half time of the Lions game to tell him we HAD to go;)


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  1. FlyDawg said,

    February 10, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    I love you honey!!! I like this one. Keep up the great work!

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