Body Brooding

What is wrong with women?  I’ll tell you what.  We are waaaay to hard on ourselves.  On a long walk today I noticed something.

My friend and I shoot for a super long walk once a week with our strollers.  We have an amazing time talking babies and hubbies and nursing and teething, to work or not to work…mommy group, party of two!  We used to drink beer together, now we are raising babies together, and I’m very grateful for her friendship.

We bumped into another friend in Anthropologie as we were all drooling over fab clothes we cannot justify buying right now.  That friend immediately threw out a big compliment to me and I was flattered.  Although I’m no where near my goal weight, I was tickled that twice in one day two friends noticed I was wearing a new pair of jeans.  Well, they were an OLD pair of jeans, 2 sizes smaller than I wore a month ago.  I was tickled to leave the house in them.

What hit me was what happened next.  Our friend, after complimenting me went into a terrible self-deprecating diatribe of how much she wasn’t taking care of herself.  She continued to complain how she gained weight, wasn’t going to the gym any more, etc.  I was blown away.  She looked amazing to me, I told her so, and I’m thinking maybe she gained 5 pounds????  I couldn’t even tell.  A good bra and a different pair of pants I would have sworn she was at her personal best, ever.  Then my walking friend, who is way prettier than she thinks she is, chimes in how fat she is.  The two of us are now telling her how not fat she is.  Seriously, she has a tiny pooch from giving birth 4 months ago, and if the rest of me looked like the rest of her, I would be a very happy camper!!! She looks amazing and any man or woman would agree.

We are seriously screwed up, girls.  Why can’t we just love ourselves, our progress, our journey? I know, I know….there is nothing like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition arriving yesterday to show me how many types of bikinis I will never wear.  There is airbrushed perfection lurking all around me to attempt to tell me what is and isn’t beautiful.  I get the reality…or lack there of.

But isn’t the reality really what we are feeling on the inside?  Doesn’t that radiate a little more strongly than a tight fitted pair of premium denim?  I think it does.  If you live in LA you see sad woman after sad woman, loaded with botox, mangled with plastic surgery, and sadness in her eyes.  We don’t need that.  We need to look in the mirror and see our own light shine in our OWN eyes.   I guarantee if you see it, so will everyone else.

Be nice to yourself today, quit ripping apart your every flaw, and pick something you like about yourself today, and love it.



  1. Anissa said,

    February 11, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Sadly, I think I have the opposite problem! I think I look good no matter what size I am and which bad clothes I wear! LOL… I think that’s why I gain weight! (That and having babies!) Love your writing!

  2. Nicole said,

    February 11, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    Perfect timing as usual and well said!!

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