Pull up, Chin up

Upper body strength came up a lot today.  I saw an amazing dance troupe at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with my son and the rest of the city’s 5th Graders.  They were called Diavalo, and they were incredible.  I was so taken by the stunts and upper body strength in these performers. I could not take my eyes off of them.

Then I hear from my friend who is trying to get a job as a wind tunnel instructor, where I used to work.  The kicker, she has to be able to do 6 pull ups, in a week.  All I could think is honey, this is possible.  I just watched these dancer chicks lift their own body weight and then some, sometimes sideways.  Crazy.

I think women think we can’t do certain things because we are conditioned to think so.  We don’t have good upper body strength.  At least that’s what we are told.  Why not?  I remember when I first started skydiving I didn’t even have enough strength to “flare”, which means “puts the breaks on.”  You see how this could be a problem.  Within a couple weeks…I could. I put my mind to it, lifted some weights and got stronger.  I have total faith my friend can do the same.  6 pull ups is a big goal, but she can already do 2. My money is on her.

Is it mind over matter?  Can we do these things we are told we can’t do?  I think we can and we become stronger for accomplishing the goals.  My husband has unbelievable upper body strength.  He seriously has enough for the both of us.  I find myself asking him to do things I can do, like open jars and lift things.  Why?  He looks hot doing them.  I see the manly man look in his eyes.  He feels needed.

He may be spending more time outside the house very soon.  When he does, I suppose I better start lifting weights again.  Simply put, need to put my chin up, do some pull ups, and open my own jars again 🙂


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  1. lisa said,

    February 18, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Interesting . . . this is EXACTLY the reason why I never tried out for softball in HS. I didn’t think I had the upper body strength. It’s so funny you would write about this, but so very true. Unfortunately!

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