Sometimes I’m So Wrong

I was so depressed this morning knowing I was taking my 15 month boy for a haircut.  He has long, strawberry blonde curly locks, and we were hoping his hair would grow a certain way.  Instead, it is flat and long on top with gorgeous, feminine curls in the back.  I have been asked daily how old my little girl is.  That didn’t really bother me, but I knew it was time to get the hair out his of eyes and tame the beast a bit.  I was sad because I’m not ready for him to look like a big boy.  I want him to stay a baby, forever.

We went to one of those fancy kids salons.  He will probably go to Supercuts in the future, but we couldn’t help but pay the extra $15 bucks to get the VIP treatment in the race car chairs, complete with souvenir photos, and certificate and his locks of hair.  He enjoyed every minute.  I don’t think I took a breath the entire time she was cutting.

When she was finished, she combed into a very grown up look.  My heart sunk, and I kept shaking my head thinking something didn’t look right.  I asked for her comb.  I combed his hair myself, and voila.  Suddenly, he looked like himself, and believe it or not, a little more like a baby.   His unusual amount of hair for his age made him look older than he was….who knew?

All I know is I was completely wrong for worrying about it  for even one second.  He looks his age, doesn’t look too grown up, and as USUAL, I need to relax.



  1. Nicole said,

    February 23, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    How is it that I always think of you as calm and you always tell me about your need to relax . . . funny . . . He DOES look so much younger after teh hair cut :). I enjoyed yesterday so much. And just got busier with some work so we will have to carve out some time soon . . .XO to you

  2. Kathy N said,

    February 28, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    I think his Dad was 18 months when he got his first hair cut and all thought he was a girls as well. Many famiy members gave me trouble about it, waited till his Father was home to take him.
    Hugs, MOM

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