Our cat ran away in the storm about a month ago.  He freaked during a thunderstorm, I let him outside like I usually do, and then he never returned to our porch with his hungry meow.  We kept thinking he’d come back when he got hungry enough.  A week went by, and no cat.  Maya made signs and road her bike all over the neighborhood hanging them and spreading the word.  Another week went by….crickets.

Week three I get a phone call from a lady named Pam.  Turns out Pam sees our cat frequently and pointed out where she thought he might be.  He was living in the alley across the street that is full of trees, ivy, weeds, old wooden steps and many other things a cat would find just perfect. We came to learn there was about twenty homeless cats hanging in this alley.  An old lady had been feeding them, and for some reason, our cat found this place better than home.

Week three was spent visiting him and trying to feed him thinking he would just come with us.  That didn’t work.  Once we realized he’d really been through something, we started thinking of ways we could trap him.  Week four became trapping week.  We made a trap with a milk crate, a stick, some rope and a towel.

Trap attempt number one went haywire because Mr. Mc Muscles pulled the stick too hard when the cat went in the crate, the crate  went flying and the cat ran off.  Failure number one.  We went back two days later sure we had the perfect plan.  Cat goes into crate, is eating the bait food, and right when it’s time to pull the stick, some dude starts his truck frightening all felines for miles.  Failure number two.

So today, we went with a last ditch effort to try to trap the cat.  We have been at it for two weeks, and had decided if it didn’t happen today, he might need to get used to jungle living.  We set it up, we waited and it didn’t seem like it was going to happen.  Then, out of nowhere, he appears.  He tentatively goes for the food leaving half of his body outside the trap.  We keep thinking there is no way he is going to go in now.  Another cat came along, put pressure on him, and he went it.  In one quick, gentle swoop, Mc Muscles pulled the stick and we had him.  We were stunned, and then a total comedy team trying to figure out how we were getting him from the upside down milk crate trap to the cat carrier.  One pair of gloves, 11 puncture wounds later, and some serious patience enabled us to get him home.

He is sitting on top my daughters tv at the moment, over seeing his old home and staring her down.  Hopefully he will relax and remember we love him.  I doubt it will take long for him to notice it is easy to find food and a warm place to sleep here.   To think we almost gave up…yet he’s here and looks like he’ll be just fine. 


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