Old Friends

This is a dear but horrible term.  When we say old friends we mean long time friends…not “old” friends.  All I know is that I caught up with one today and the whole experience was bubbling over with all that is good.

My dear friend Liz and I spent nearly every day together for a couple of years. We went to college together and barely knew each other then.  Later we bumped into each other at a grocery store, and became very close.   Our oldest children were toddlers, and we went through toddler-hood, second children pregnancies and a whole lot more.  Her son and my daughter played together every day.  Now with my new toddler, I find myself recalling moments with her daily.  They were all special moments, that at the time, I had no idea how special.

We went to the zoo, and in between seeing amazing creatures, we caught up.  It seems we have just as much in common now as we always did.  We seem to have the same outlook on life’s gifts, life’s hardships, and  kids seem to be weathering it all just the same.

Circumstances keep you apart sometimes.  But the time and distance doesn’t change who you are.  This was a source of comfort for me today.  Not only was my heart full of sense memories and laughing about how obsessive we were at first time moms…but my heart was newly full with the idea that we were creating more memories, and making plans to see one another sooner, than later.

Do you keep telling that friend on Facebook that you will get together soon?  Trust me on this. Plan it, show up, and ENJOY!


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