Dancing Stars

How did a silly concept of a reality show about ballroom dancing become the number one show on television?  Why are so many people watching this?  Why do we care how well or not these people do?  Some may even challenge whether or not some of the participants are actually celebrities.  It seems to me the ballroom teachers are a huge draw for fans of the show.  They are the cream of the crop in the ballroom world, and ballroom dance classes are at an all time high due to the popularity of the show.

I will admit it, I watch the show.  Put dancing of any kind on tv and chances are I’m watching it.  I critique every leg, every foot.  I do usually record it, and skip through a lot of the brew ha ha, and just watch the dancing and the judging.  I had the privilege of attending a taping this week, and watched the live competition.  I was screaming, cheering, booing and carrying on with people from all over the country.  Sitting there, you immediately felt invested.

Then it hit me.  We all want something to cheer for.  It’s fun.  We want who we like to do well.  We want them to get better.  We want them to succeed.  Millions of people are picking up their cellular phones and texting to ensure they get to cheer on their favorite another week.  Our reasons for who we cheer for can vary.  I found myself cheering for a football player my husband despises…only because my friend works as his partner’s stand in.  If Ocho is still on the show, then chances are my friend is needed on set.  Simply put, employment!  They were excellent that night, the judges agreed, and that made it even more fun.

It’s not rocket science.  It’s simple fun.  Watching the journey of people being fish out of water can be funny, heart breaking, and everything in between.


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