Gym Rat Race

I haven’t checked in about my weight loss goal in a while.  This goal is somewhat undefined.  Just like blogging and writing, it’s not going at the pace I had hoped for, but it’s still going.

I haven’t lost more weight. I have lost inches in places, and I have become far stronger and more flexible, have more cardiovascular strength,  reduced back pain and a stronger core.  That said, I’m still quite overweight.  I wanted more weight loss by now, and I’ve been a little frustrated that my massive amount of walking is only maintaining weight.

Now I’m on the big plateau.  I know this means I must step up the work out to something that is really challenging.  It is time to get out of my comfort zone.  I have recently made the mistake of trying something really difficult.  My body would hurt so badly afterwards that I immediately got discouraged.

First step was to recommit to the Wii Fit.  I fell out of this habit when hubby left and the board got put away.  I have learned  that leaving the board in the living room and giving kids a rule is key to my success.   If they play another game, before they shut it down, they must return mom’s Wii Fit Plus back into the console.  Since this rule was made, I have been on it daily!  Again, I felt it important to rethink my Wii Fit strategy to combat “plateauville.”  So instead of the same old routine, I branched out.

New adventure…Yoga.   I took a Yoga class in the past and it did not float my boat.  As a ballet dancer, I found the movements odd and counter intuitive to some of my muscle memory.  I disliked the people in the class, and how serious everyone was.  I understood the benefits, but could never really dig in.  On my own terms, I’ve become a new Yoga fan.  My Wii Fit Yogi is kind, consistent and encouraging.  I started small, and have worked my way up to mastering 20 poses.  It is possible to do my Yoga during the baby’s morning nap, doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, and I’ve enjoyed learning something new and feeling my flexibility, coordination and muscle strength come back.

Now that the Yoga is giving me some confidence, I feel ready for a group class.  I talked with my husband about cost-effective solutions for my next step, and he was a little puzzled.  Simply put, he said, “Why don’t you just go to the gym?”   Men are so funny like this.  His military mentality thinks this is simple.  I think some women will easily join me that it isn’t quite that simple.  I hate gyms.  They have horrible lighting.  They have these horrible muscle dudes walking around in polo shirts trying to sell you personal training packages.  Locker rooms have a strange vibe.  I live in Hollywood, so let’s add in the huge amount of plastic surgery perfect walking around, coupled with the weird, old, wrinkly Korean ladies that all walk around naked.  I hate gyms.

Short version..turns out we still have a membership I can take advantage of.  There is a location nearby that has a great child care room for three bucks a visit.  This location offers the kind of group classes I am looking for.  Any mom with a baby or toddler knows this is still a challenge and commitment to deal with.  I will have to plan around the baby’s nap schedule, his meal times, getting him from parking lot to Kids Club before the class starts.  Once class is over,  get him checked out and then out of the parking structure before the 2 buck fee turns into 10.  If I plan it just right, then it is cost-effective and fun for the baby, too.  It’s not simple, but it is an option.  I made the big leap and went there tonight, got a tour, and tried out the baby in the childcare room.

This is big.  Although I know I will find the environment a challenge, I’m ready to give it a whirl.  I would like this road to lead back to a ballet class.  It is a process, and I’m willing to go through it one day at a time.



  1. shannon said,

    July 21, 2010 at 8:36 am

    yay for yoga. i personally love it. and not every yoga class is the type you mentioned. my teacher plays a wide selection of music and we aren’t afraid to make a comment or 2 during class (either about his music choice or making fun of him if he has a brain fart).

    i also just started the bar method which kicks major booty but can be costly unfortunately. but the place i’m at now has an introductory offer for the 1st month which makes it muy affordable.

    keep on keeping on missy!

  2. samayazmom said,

    July 21, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Thanks Sha!!! That kind of yoga teacher does sound fun. I actually plan to go to Bar Method eventually, and have a friend starting a new studio in Silver Lake and will keep you posted on her. For me, affordable has to also include on-site babysitting (which people without kids don’t have to think about:) So for now, Wii Yoga at nap time is free, and my gym is $15 per month, and it’s $5 for parking and child care each visit. If I get to class 10 times a month, this makes my classes plus child care only $5.50 each. Until hubby gets home to help trade off, and financial picture improves..I’m going to have to be happy with that!!!!

  3. shannon said,

    July 23, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    totally understand about babysitting issues. all that matters is that you do something and you try to kick it up/switch it up as much as possible. there’s so much truth to the whole “no pain, no gain” saying. none of the workouts i do are particularly “fun” so to speak but i enjoy them through the torture.

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