Just Offer You

I’m filled with joy.  Although I’m not at liberty to discuss why exactly, I can say  that a “matter”,  that required closure, has been resolved.  This resolve is allowing me to evolve,  and move upward and onward in a way I cannot explain.  It feels like a 300 pound monkey was removed from my back. That monkey possessed powers to annoy me, hurt me, frustrate me, tried to make me seek comfort in food, and made me want to sleep.  I waved good-bye to the monkey yesterday.

Feeling validated, and monkey free, I suddenly realized how much joy is oozing from me.  I immediately felt selfish and wanted to share the joy with as many people as I could.  I shared it with my children first.  Again, not being able to go into detail, I was creative with what I said.  I could see the gleam in their eyes, and their reaction from my smile.  We didn’t have to say much.  It was just simply understood that my husband would be coming home soon and wouldn’t have to leave again. That was all they needed to hear.

Next stop was my person, Marisa.  My beautiful, vibrant, Cancer ass-kicking, firecracker friend opened the door, saw my face and exploded with excitement.  Her laugh and hug and jumping up and down made it feel even more real.  I didn’t even say anything yet…and she was ecstatic.  We walked next door to more very close friends.  I felt like I was the butter on their bland toasty day. We celebrated, for hours, that FINALLY some things are going our way.

I rose at 5am, just so I could watch the sunrise.  It was beautiful. I thanked God, not only for the resolve, but for keeping things peaceful and free of drama.   I picked up the baby from my mom, whose middle name is literally JOY, and we didn’t even talk about the monkey.  She just saw the look in my eyes, and that my breaths were deeper, and even with baby chaos, I was better.

Joy is contagious.  It’s a little hard because I can’t totally explain what happened, but I just want to run around like Tinkerbell with a wand and share sparkles of joy with everyone.  If you aren’t happy today, take some of mine.  I can spare it!!!!



  1. Anissa said,

    January 12, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Goosebumps… so thrilled for you.

  2. January 12, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    How wonderful Heather! I’m so happy for you.

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