Things are changing around us all the time.  Some of the changes are big, some are small, and I think at times we aren’t even aware that they are happening.  It seems there is transition all around me.  Rather than get bogged down by it, I thought it may be more positive than ever to discover my own transition, so that all of us are “transitioning” together.

My husband is still in a state of transition from working over-seas for a year.  I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to come back to the chaos of family life after so much separation.  Well, actually I can, because I live here every day with him.

My toddler is in potty training transition.  I see how much he understands and how much he wants to be successful.  I also see him hanging on to the idea of not being completely responsible for such things, as to take a stand against leaving babyhood.  After all, he does refer to himself as “Baby Zak.”  Well, sometimes “Pirate Baby Zak”, and then there is the whole discussion of whether or not pirates use the potty.

My oldest son has puberty facing him in the mirror.  The man vs. boy thing is struggled with daily.  I don’t think he knows we know.  The voice is cracking, the body changing, and emotions are on overdrive. He is the middle child and often goes with the flow, but his transition is evident, sweet, challenging and giving me more gray hair.

My daughter started high school this week.  This is the transition I was most afraid of.  I was a terribly nervous mom letting go of my little girl to a new school full of teenage girls, only.  In middle school, 3 of her 4 closest friends were boys.  The mean girls were in full force in her previous small school and she was eager to move on.  After I dropped her off, I literally pulled the car over and cried.  Then, I prayed that something would be new and different.  My prayer was answered.  She is beaming each day after school.  She rattles about new friends, previous school mates being nicer, and a general sense of excitement and contentment.  This transition is a great blessing.

I stood in my home feeling them all circling around me.  They were all asking me for something and all needed attention at once.  I started to laugh, and felt like running into the streets screaming.  Instead, I triaged the most urgent (obviously the one who has potential to wiz on the floor) and asked the rest to wait, and I’d be there, momentarily.  After attending to each one of them, I had to ask myself, am I going through a transition, too?

I most certainly am.  I’ve decided to pursue writing as a career.  I’ve taken some steps to make this a reality.  That said, while attempting to meet all of their needs, it is a massive transition to make writing time a priority, and I’m not doing well with it.  I am, though, examining it and trying to figure it out.

I have found something good in this.  When one has to prioritize their time, one discovers their priorities.



  1. Zaneta said,

    August 26, 2011 at 8:03 am

    Love this blog, Cousin. Great thoughts on transitions! We are all in them, that’s for sure!

  2. Nicole said,

    August 27, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    Love you and support you! Xoxoxoxox

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